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Swapping and Selling Terms & Conditions

Before we accept any items from you, you will be asked to read, confirm that you understand and sign the following terms and conditions.  

We will act as your agent, selling clothes, shoes and accessories on your behalf.

Once we have received your items we sort them and decide if they are suitable to be sold on our website. We will then decide a resale value and contact you to advise of this. If you have opted to receive credit to swap for other clothes on the site (which is what we’re all about!) then this will be immediately applied to your account so you can start swapping!

If you have opted to be paid in cash then we will upload your items to the website and we contact you when they have sold so we can make payment via Paypal. If your items haven’t sold within three months then you can contact us if you wish to have them returned to you. If you don’t contact us they will continue to be listed on our website until they have sold.

After 2 months we may decide to reduce the sale price of any unsold items. If this is the case then we will contact you to advise of any changes in price.

If items you send are not accepted by us, you can opt for them to be returned to you. There is a £9.99 charge for this to cover admin and postage.

Any offer that is made for items that have been sent to us is final. This is based on realistic resale values. If there is a dispute over the offer we make for any items you’ve sent us then you can choose to have your items returned to you but this will be at a cost of £9.99 to cover admin and postage.

If you’d like us to make an offer on your items before you send them to us then you can send us a photo of each individual item you want to send, along with a description of their brand and condition. We can then make you an offer based on this information. However, if items are not as described we may not accept them or may reduce the amount we are willing to offer.

You will receive between 30 and 50% of the resale price. The quality and resale value of the item will depend on the percentage paid. The table below gives an idea of how this percentage is determined but this is subject to change depending on the individual item.

Resale value under £5


Resale value between £5 and £10


Resale value over £10


Sought after designer brands



All goods must be received 'ready to sell' in a GOOD AND CLEAN condition and either freshly laundered or dry cleaned. We will not accept damaged or stained goods.

Buttons and zips should all be intact and working properly, collars and cuffs must be in excellent condition and there should be no sign of bobbling on woollen items.

All goods are sent at the clients own risk. Swish Little Kids cannot accept any responsibility for items that go missing or are damaged during transit.

We reserve the right to refuse any items, at any time, that we think we shall be unable to sell or are found to be damaged.

You warrant that you are the owner of all items given to Swish Little Kids for sale. We do not accept stolen or counterfeit goods and you may be asked to provide proof of ownership.

All money due to clients for goods sold will be paid once a month. An account statement will be sent when any payments are made.