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-          What is Swish Little Kids?

Swish Little Kids is the kids and baby clothes swap site. Send us your old children’s clothes and we will credit your account so you can buy items from our website.

Read more about how Swish Little Kids was created here.

-          Why should I register with Swish Little Kids?

Whilst non-members are free to browse and buy items from the site, as a registered user you can refresh your kid’s wardrobe by swapping clothes your children have grown out of for items that they’ll be able to wear.

-        How do I de-register or unsubscribe?

Registered members can unsubscribe by emailing

If you want to to totally cancel your membership please email and we’ll arrange that for you. Let us know if we’ve done anything wrong first and we’ll do our best to put it right!

-          If I register, will you keep my personal information safe?

We take your concerns about privacy very seriously and have strict procedures in place to protect your personal information and ensure it is handled in a responsible manner. For more information on privacy click here.

-          How can I contact you?

 Email us at or find us on Twitter or Facebook!



-          What are the advantages of swapping my children’s clothes with Swish Little Kids?

It’s much easier and less time consuming than using other well, known online market places. All you need to do is order a Swish Little Swap Bag, fill it with kid’s clothes that are still in great condition and return it to us. We’ll then credit your account so you can shop for items from our website. No taking photos, listing items and dealing with buyers – we take all the hassle out of selling your old children’s clothes.

-          How much will I earn?

You’ll earn between 30% and 50% of the value that we list the items on the website. This will depend on the condition and the popularity of the item you send to us. We'll pay 50% for high and brands and items that are brand new with tags. We'll pay a lower percentage for less popular brands and items that have some wear and tear.

-          Can I get cash for my clothes?

Our ethos is to share and reuse children's clothes so we'd like to set up a community where this can easily be done online. To help us build this community we’d prefer to pay you in credits you can use on our website. We hope that this will encourage our customers to reuse old kid's clothes, rather than buying new as this is better for the environment and more sustainable!

However, we realise that this may not always suit you. We are therefore able to offer cash payments via PayPal once we have been able to sell your items. 

If you're feeling generous, we also have an option where you can choose to donate your earnings to a charity of your choice.

-          How do I send my items to you?

Order a Swish Little Swap Bag here and we’ll pop one in the post for you. Once you’ve received it fill it with your old kids clothes and post it back to us. You can either post it yourself or contact us on and we’ll arrange to collect it from you.

-          How many items can I put in as Swish Little Swap Bag?

As many as you can cram in! There’s no limit. The more you send the more credit you’ll earn!

-          How will you know it was me that sent the Swish Little Swap Bag to you?

All of the bags will have a flyer in them that will have your account details on it. Return the flyer with the bag and we’ll know the items belong to you. If you lose your flyer then just include your name and address in the bag and we’ll know the items are yours!

-          What do you do once you receive my items?

We try to process orders as quickly as possible. It’s currently taking us no longer than 5 working days to process orders once we’ve received your package.

Once we’ve received your package we’ll send you an email to let you know it’s arrived. We’ll then check that your items meet our Swish Little Swap guidelines, will inspect your items and will wash and iron them if necessary. We’ll then pop your credit onto your account, minus postage costs if we arranged collection of your items and will email you to let you know how much we’ve credited your account so you can start shopping!

After that we’ll photograph your items and will upload them to the website so they can find a new home.

Any items that are rejected will be returned if you selected the ‘Return unaccepted items to me’ box when you ordered your Swish Little Swap Bag. If you didn’t choose this option then we will donate your items to a local charity. Nothing gets wasted – it’s much better for the environment that way. 

-          Why has my item been rejected?

Items are usually rejected if we don’t think that other users would like to own it. It may also be that the quality of the item did not meet our standards, it may be damaged or have too much wear. We try to only add items to the website that are in excellent condition. We will also reject any items that come from homes where people smoke.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide reasons why individual items are rejected. However, if you would like us to look at something before you send it to us to find out whether it’s likely we will accept it then send a photo and description of the item to

-          What brands do you accept?

We currently accept high end high street brands and designer brands. We don't accept supermarket brands as they can be purchased quite cheaply and are not as easy to sell second hand.

We don't have a list of specific brands that we accept; we'd love all different kinds of clothes as long as they are stylish, cute and in great condition.

If you have any questions about brands you'd like to send to us, please email us at info@swishlittlekids and we'll let you know if it's likely we'll accept your items. 

-          Do I need to wash the clothes before I send them to you?

Yes please. We need the clothes to be clean so we can send them to their new owner in the best condition possible! If items are sent to us and they need a clean then we will not be able to offer as much for each item.

We do not accept clothes from homes where people have been smoking.

-          Is there anything you don’t accept?

At the moment we only accept children’s clothes and shoes that are in excellent condition. Anything that has too much wear and tear or is damaged in any way will be rejected. We want to make sure that any clothes we sell would make their new owner really happy!

Clothes must also have their label in them so we can’t accept clothes that have had their labels cut out. We don’t accept anything that is fake – all designer items must be genuine!

-          Can I have my items returned?

Yes, just click the ‘Return unaccepted items to me’ box when you order your Swish Little Swap bag. This will cost £9.99 to cover the cost of the time taken to sort your items and post them back to you.

-          How do you work out how much my items will be sold for?

Our pricing is based on a variety of things including the value of the item when they were new, the condition of the clothes and whether they were clean when they were sent to us.

-          What if I don’t agree with the price you have offered for my items?

We do our best to make sure that all items are priced fairly. We aim to make sure that everyone is happy with their offers but sometimes this may not be the case. Unfortunately we are unable to return items if there is a dispute over the offer we’ve made you. Do let us know if you have any feedback or comments about this though as we’re always trying to improve our service!

-          Can I drop clothes to you?

You can! This saves on postage costs so means that you’ll earn more money to spend on items from our website. We are based in Brixton, SW9 so if you live nearby then feel free to drop clothes to our HQ. Just drop us an email at to arrange this.



-          Do you charge for delivery?

We charge £2.90 for delivery.

-          Do you accept returns?

If we’ve made a mistake with your order then we’ll arrange for your items to be returned to us free of charge. If you have changed your mind about the item then you can return it to us within 14 days of receiving the item but you’ll need to cover the cost of posting it back to us.

-          How do I know the clothes I order from your website will be in great condition?

We make sure that all clothes are quality checked to make sure that they are in tip top condition. Read more about the condition of the clothes here.