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Where is The Best Place to Buy Second Hand Children’s Clothes Online?

Where is The Best Place to Buy Second Hand Children’s Clothes Online?

10th May 2017

There are a few options available for buying second hand children’s clothing online. I’ll give you the lowdown with the pros and cons of each and some handy hints to get the best bargains possible!

Buying Second Hand Children’s Clothes on EBay

EBay is a great place to buy second hand children’s clothes online. If you’re not familiar with EBay then I’m not sure what rock you have been living under for the past few years! It’s an online auction site where many a bargain can be had. It’s a great place to buy second hand children’s clothing as there is so much choice; thousands of items are listed every day.

Buying on EBay involves searching for what you require and then bidding on items that you wish to buy. It can get quite exciting and competitive so I’d recommend setting a budget of how much you want to spend per item and not bidding higher than that in the heat of the moment. It’s easy to get carried away when bidding which can lead to you spending more than you’d planned.

Positives about EBay are that there are loads of items available. There are individual items available so you can search for something specific and lots of sellers offer ‘bundles’ of second hand children’s clothing that include various items, usually of the same age range and gender. The sheer volume of second hand children’s clothes on offer means that it’s usually easy to find something that you are looking for.

However, there are some downsides to buying on EBay. The amount of choice is great but it can take a really long time to sift through endless listings before you find what you want. Also, buyers have to cover postage costs so what initially looked like a bargain can end up being more expensive once P&P has been taken into consideration.

There are also sometimes issues with items when they arrive; particularly when buying second hand children’s clothing. What is described as being ‘nearly new’ may arrive looking as though it has been worn a few times. Describing the condition of something is quite subjective so ‘nearly new’ for one person may mean ‘totally worn out’ for another. It’s usually down to the buyer to pay postage costs if they want to return the item in order to get a refund so it’s often not worth returning an item you’re not happy with as it will cost to do so.

There can also sometimes be issues with the bundles of second hand children’s clothes that are sold. They will often be described as ‘bundle including Gap, Boden and Joules’ but there may only be one of these designers items mixed in with a lot of supermarket brands so beware of that little trick!

Tips for getting the best bargains possible on EBay include searching for items that may have been spelt incorrectly as they will not have as much interest in them. For example, looking for Jools items instead of Joules. Another trick is to check what time the auction is ending. The most popular time for people to be bidding on EBay is on Sunday evening so it makes sense that if lots of people are bidding at once then an item will end up selling for a higher value. Try to look for items that are ending early in the morning or during the afternoon when people are at work.

It’s also worth not placing a bid until the last minute as this can prevent the price from being pushed up further by other bidders. You can also save money on EBay by buying more than one item from the same seller so postage can be combined for items.

All in all Ebay is a good site where some great bargains can be had for second hand children’s clothes but there are some pitfalls that need to be avoided so beware!

Buying Second Hand Children’s Clothes on Facebook Buying Pages

There are endless groups on Facebook where second hand children’s clothes can be purchased online. These groups fall into two categories – either local groups where you are able to collect items in person or national groups where items are posted to you.

Local groups are great as you can get your hands on items really quickly but national groups usually offer more choice as there are more sellers listing items. Buying on Facebook gives you the option of posting a ‘wanted’ or ‘in search of’ advert so people can contact you if they are trying to sell what you are after. This removes the hard work scrolling through endless items so is a great time saver if you’re a busy parent.

There are some downsides to using Facebook to buy second hand children’s clothes though. These types of transactions are based on trust; you often do not know the people that you are buying from so make sure you are safe if you go to collect items in person. If you are collecting in person that also make sure that the clothes you have purchased are as described and that there are no defects or issues with the items.

Also, Facebook doesn’t get involved in transactions that take place on these boards; they are moderated by volunteers who run the boards and make sure everyone follows the rules. This means that if there is an issue with an item that you have purchased then it may be difficult to resolve the issue or get a refund if you are unhappy with what you have been sold.

Buying Second Hand Children’s Clothes on Gumtree and Preloved

Gumtree and Preloved both allow people to sell second hand children’s clothing online. They generally focus on sales between people that live near to one another so you will usually be searching for second hand children’s clothing of people that live in your nearby area.

There are often larger second hand children’s clothes bundles listed on these sites as there is no postage to pay so it’s easier and cheaper to sell in bulk. There can also sometimes be individual items listed but it’s less frequent on these sites when comparing to Facebook and EBay.

As these sites focus on local transactions there can sometimes be less choice than can be found on EBay but there are still lots of good bargains to be had! This is particularly true if you’re not picky as there are generally lots of larger bundles of second hand children’s clothes that are very cheap. This is good as it means you can get your hands on a lot of clothes easily and quickly but it takes away the ability to choose exactly which items you want. As with the EBay bundles, the clothes are usually of varying quality so you may end up with a large bundle of children’s clothes that you don’t particularly like.

As with buying via Facebook locally you’ll be going round to a strangers house to collect any items you purchase so make sure that you are safe! Also check the condition of any items you buy before you leave the seller as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get a refund once you have paid for the clothes. I’d also recommend haggling and trying to get the best price possible for any items you purchase.

That is a roundup of the main ways possible to buy second hand children’s clothes online. Let me know if there are any others that I have missed in the comments below.

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